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China Chang Jiang Energy Corporation"CCJEC",a professional company subsidiary to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation"CASC", was founded in September 1988. Its predecessor, Wuhan Steam Turbine and Generator Plant founded in 1958, was the professional manufacturer of heat and power co-generation steam turbine-generator units designated by the former Ministry of Machine Building It has ever ranked among the top 520national key enterprises and has been rated as one of the 500 national enterprises with the best economic efficiency for many times. In the last 60 years, it has designed and manufactured nearly 3000 sets of steam turbine-generator units and over 600 sets of hydro-generator units. By the end of 2016. its registered capital is RMB 250.55 million Yuan and it has total assets of RMB 3.56 billion Yuan with more than 2,000 employees.

In September 2012, CASC reorganized CCJEC and entrusted China Aerospace Propulsion Technology Research Institute (also known as China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporate No, 6 Research Institute, hereafter referred to as “CAPTRI") to fulfill the duties of promoter. CASC is a state-owned super-size high-tech defense industry enterprise group mainly engaging in the R&D, manufacturing, production and launching test of all Chinese carrier rockets, application satellites, manned spacecrafts, space stations, deep space exploration vehicles and other aerospace products as well as all strategic missiles, some tactical missiles and other weapon systems. As the leading force of Chinese aerospace science and technology industry, CASC has created glories represented by the two milestones-manned space flight and lunar exploration, making important contribution to the progress of national defense modernization and the development of national economy. CAPTRI is the research and manufacturing center of Chinese liquid rocket engines and the unique professional research institute for the research, design, production and test of carrier rocket main power system, divert and attitude control system(DACS) and space craft propulsion system.

In December 2014, CCJEC New Zone, invested with RMB 2.1 billion Yuan in total and occupying 51 hectares, was put into service in FozulingIndustryPark, East Lake High-tech Development Zone, Wuhan. It has been equipped with the most advanced manufacturing devices and testing facilities in this world. Each year, it can produce more than 240 sets of power generation equipments with annual power capacity of over 5,700MW. The single unit power capacity can reach 200MW.

CCJEC mainly engages in the production and sale of power plant equipment, power devices and electrical appliances, as well as equipment assembly, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and EPC(engineering, procurement and contract), At present, its leading products are the thermal power generation units at 155MW or below and the hydropower generation units at 50MW or below. Its thermal power products are mainly used for the captive power plants in industry fields of steel, coal, oil, chemistry, electrolytic aluminum, metallurgy, papermaking, cement and glass, as well as for comprehensive utilization of waste heat, regional heat supply and biomass (waste) burned power generation. Our products enjoy worldwide market presence and are exported to over 10 countries including United States, Canada, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, the Philippines Thailand, Japan, Niger and Mozambique.

In 1980s, CCJEC initially created the mode of power plant engineering survey, design, manufacturing, civil works, installation, commissioning, BOT (build, operation, transfer) and joint-investment in building power plants, which provides MPC (management, procurement and contract) for the whole process of the equipment assembly, construction, installation, commissioning, personnel training and trial operating in the power plant construction projects, gaining good economic and social benefits. In the last years, CCJEC has innovated marketing modes constantly, exploited/advertised the energy power equipment remote diagnosis system, and developed system integration EPC and manufacturing service by using seller's credit, buyer s credit, finance leasing, energy performance contracting and other methods.

So far, CCJEC has a provincial-level technology center and more than 300 technicians of various disciplines including 16 experts enjoying national, provincial and municipal subsidy, 79 senior engineers and 94 engineers, In the past 60 years, the company has achieved many first status in China: the first fully 3d steam extraction condensing unit(50MW), the first HP steam extraction condensing unit(140 MW),the first back pressure unit(6.5 MPa), the first HP steam extraction condensing unit(12 MW), the first combined cycle dual pressure unit (20 MW), the first waste power plant unit (12 MW), the first fully flow water turbine generator unit, the first axial flow fixed propeller water turbine (50 MW) and the first large-pump electric motor (6 MW), etc. The comprehensive performance of heat and power cogeneration unit, gas & steam combined cycle steam turbine, solar thermal power generation unit, ORC low-medium temperature utilization system and biomass (waste) burned power generation unit which are leading products researched and manufactured by CCJEC are the most advanced in China.

CCJEC has realized fully integration with CASC and established CAPTRI-CCJEC joint R&D center. It has been insisting on the road of “introduction & absorption, defense & civilian integration and independent development” . AT the same time of introducing and digesting the advanced technologies from GE ( Alstom previously), Toshiba, Infinity and other companies, CCJEC has been using CASC s military & civilian integration R&D platform, system simulation & analysis software and self-owned technology advantages to optimize traditional products, develop new products and expand new businesses. In future, based on the all-stream fields of the energy power equipment industry chain, CCJEC will take initiative to develop the five business sectors, namely efficient clean energy devices, new energy equipment, manufacturing services, EPC and military industrial products, and endeavor to turn the company into the manufacturing base of high-end aerospace equipment and clean energy power devices.

CCJEC would like to establish partnership with well-known enterprises at home and abroad in broad fields so as to make new and greater contributions to the development of energy-saving & emission-reduction and energy power cause.






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